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  1. COVID-19: Beware of Scams and False Claims

    The NH Attorney General's Office warns that scammers may take advantage of COVID-19 outbreak fears by selling bogus “treatments” and “prevention” products, establishing fake charities, and sending emails with malicious links or attachments. Learn more. Continue reading...
  2. Prevention = Social Distancing

    Prevention of the spread of COVID-19 (both contracting and transmitting) is a responsibility for everyone, no matter what age, no matter what circumstance. We are asking all community members to self-police and abide by the rules for SOCIAL DISTANCING. Continue reading...
  3. Solid Waste Facility Remains Open

    The Lebanon Solid Waste Facility remains open. Protocols and procedures have been instituted for employee and public health and safety. Please review the precautions we are asking you to take when visiting. Continue reading...
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