Future Land Use Map

AltTextAs part of the City’s ongoing efforts to implement the 2012 Master Plan, the Planning and Zoning Department hosted two Community Meetings to review and discuss the Master Plan’s Land Use Chapter in relation to the City’s current Zoning Map. 

The Future Land Use Map, which is part of the Land Use Chapter, is intended to provide a broad overview of how land should be used in the City and graphic guidance for implementing the text of the Land Use Chapter. The Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map, on the other hand, are the primary regulatory tools for implementing the policies and achieving the goals of the Master Plan. 

The Planning and Development Department has compared the Future Land Use and Zoning Maps to identify areas of the City where existing zoning does not appear consistent with the land use goals expressed in the Future Land Use Map. Prior to proposing amendments to address these apparent inconsistencies, however, the Department invites the public to review and discuss the Land Use Chapter and Future Land Use Map to verify whether they still accurately reflect the community’s preferences. You may provide comments by email at planning@lebcity.com.  

In the upcoming weeks there will be a web-based survey for the public to take. Please continue to check back for additional information and updates or subscribe to the Lebanon Planning and Development list to receive email or text notifications when new updates are posted.  

Feel free to contact the Planning and Development Department at 603-448-1457 or planning@lebcity.com if you have additional questions or concerns.

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