Scoop the Poop

To our many generations of dog lovers, dog owners, and dog sitters:

While the vast majority of residents are highly responsible in cleaning up after those in our care, some are falling short in their duty to clean up the “doody”. Please remember that the use of public lands by our four-legged friends requires that we humans carry and use the instruments needed to keep those lands clean for all to enjoy. This includes our recreation fields, parks, playgrounds, and cemeteries. Most of us can attest to the fact that a walk in the park is quickly ruined by "doody" on your shoes. 

More information on removal of dog defecation from public and private properties, please review Chapter 18, Section 18-12 of the City Code:

Thank you for doing your part to keep our lands enjoyable by all!

Additional Tips

  • Dog owners can help prevent contamination of local waterways, parkland, and beaches by picking up after their dogs. Dog waste should be placed in a proper trash receptacle. 
  • Never throw rubbish into the stormwater grates in the street. These catch basins are for stormwater. During rainy weather, dog waste that is not scooped up is carried in stormwater runoff to catch basins. Catch basins connect to Lebanon’s storm drain system that discharges to the Mascoma River as well as Stoney Brook, Great Brook and other waterways. 
  • Dog waste pollutes our parks and other grounds in addition to being unpleasant and unhealthy for residents, and aquatic life.  Please help by picking up after your pet and disposing of the waste properly.
Scoop the Poop Sign