Historic Landmark Designation Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Landmark Designation Program? 

The Historic Landmark Designation Program was created to identify and aid in the protection of sites of significant architectural and historical value in the City of Lebanon. The Landmark Program aims to conserve property values and strengthen the local economy as well as encourage property owners to invest in the rehabilitation of their buildings.

Who designates the Landmark Properties? 

The Heritage Commission, which was established July 19th, 2006 replacing the Historic District Commission, is responsible for conducting the landmark program and designating properties.

How does a building qualify as a Landmark Property? 

For a building to receive Historic Landmark Designation, it must possess historical, architectural, or cultural significance. Qualifying sites may be associated with historical events or with the lives of significant persons in our past or the site may embody the distinctive characteristics of a particular style.

Does a Landmark Designation restrict what I can do on my property? 

This designation places no special restrictions on your property or any improvements you may wish to make to it in the future. The Heritage Commission would, however, like to work with you and assist in any way we can to help you maintain the historic character of your property.

How many Landmark Designations exist in the City of Lebanon? 

To date a total of 84 properties have been designated as Historic Landmarks by the City. Information on all the properties that are designated as Landmark Property is available at the City of Lebanon Heritage Commission page.

How do I find out if my building has a Landmark Designation? 

Look for the plaque! Properties that granted the Landmark Designation are issued a plaque from the Heritage Commission. All designated properties are also listed on the Heritage Commission’s website or you can contact the Planning Office for additional information.

Who can nominate a building to be designated a Landmark Property? 

The Heritage Commission invites nominations from the public. You can notify the Heritage Commission of a building you would like to nominate by contacting the Planning Office at 603-448-1524.

Historic Landmark Designations