Shinrin-Yoku, also known as Forest Bathing, is gaining popularity in the US after being practiced in Japan for decades. Through yoga poses, deep breathing and quiet sensory observations, our revitalizing Shinrin-yoku morning will help you catch your breath, slow down, and find solace in nature. These gentle explorations of the trails and hidden gem of Boston Lot will wake up your senses and give you a chance to reconnect to the natural world and to yourself.

Date: Thursday, September 26th

Time: 9 am to 10:30 am

Location: Boston Lot

Fee: $24 (includes both classes)

Instructor Course Shinrin-Yoku

Must participate in morning class. Come join a training workshop for the local community, naturalists, yoga instructors, outdoor educators, teachers who want to learn how to lead Forest Bathing. Workshop content:

  • Background and history of shinrin-yoku
  • Goals and purpose of forest bathing
  • Themes
  • Safety and Comfort
  • Leading a group
  • "Activities" or "Invitations"

Date: Thursday, September 26th

Time: 11 am to 1 pm

Location: Boston Lot

Fee: $24 (includes both classes)