Santa's Tour of Lebanon

Hear those sleigh bells ringing? Santa is coming to a neighborhood near you on Saturday, December 5th! Come on out to the sidewalk to wave to Santa and receive a special gift from the North Pole.

He will be getting a tour of neighborhoods in Lebanon and West Lebanon. Stay tuned for the final route and estimated schedule.

Leb Rec Recommendations:

  • View the route schedule for nearest neighborhood and estimated time that Santa will pass through. 
  • If your home is not on the route, walk/drive to the nearest neighborhood or one of the common areas: CCBA's Witherell Recreation Center, Colburn Park, Civic Memorial Park.
  • Wear a mask or cloth face covering and maintain 6 feet social distancing from those who are not in your household.
  • Please stay on the sidewalk.

Questions? Send an e-mail to Meagan Henry, Program Coordinator. 

Thank you to our sponsor:

Sponsor Logo: ClearChoiceMD

Photo of Santa's Sleigh and reindeer silhouettes on the moon