Food Waste Drop-Off Program

The newest waste diversion program at the Lebanon Solid Waste Facility is the Food Waste Drop-Off Program. Your food scraps will be composted and used onsite for erosion control. This activity helps avoid the use of virgin soil products and has a huge benefit on landfill capacity.

How to Join the Food Waste Program

To participate in the food waste program, please follow these five easy steps.

1. Complete the application.

Print out the Food Scraps Permit Application and fill in all the requested information. 

2. Submit your application.

Take your application and one full punch card (10 punches) to the scale house. The cost of the program is one full punch card (10 punches) for a calendar year. Bring your punch card and application to the solid waste facility and the scale house attendant will be happy to assist! Learn how to purchase punch cards. Photo of solid waste attendant holding permit and punch card Opens in new window

3. Receive your permit.

The scale house attendant will give you a permit sticker.Photo of food scraps permit Opens in new window

4. Apply your permit sticker.

Place the permit sticker on your favorite pail. You supply your own food waste pail (up to 5 gallons). You can have several buckets by purchasing a permit for each one. Photo of food scraps permit being placed on bucket Opens in new window

5. Start diverting your food scraps!

Bring your food scraps to the solid waste facility and place them in the blue dumpster pictured below, make sure to only bring compostable materials and make sure they are bagged in either paper or compostable plastic bags. photo of solid waste attendant throwing away food scraps bag Opens in new window

Additional Information

For more information about Lebanon’s Food Waste Drop Off program including a list of accepted waste, where to buy program supplies, and frequently asked questions, please view our Food Scraps Program flyer (PDF).

If you have questions, please email us at