Blind Exemption Program

The Blind Exemption program is a property tax relief program for residents that are visually impaired. The exemption reduces the taxable value of the real estate of qualifying residents. Read through Blind Exemption (RSA 72:37).


To qualify, you or your spouse must be determined to be legally blind and must have a certificate from the Blind Services Division of the Vocational Rehabilitation Division of the State Education Department. The owner must reside at the property for which exemption is claimed.

Exemption Amount

The amount of the exemption is currently set at $21,000.

Tax Reduction

An exemption reduces the taxable value of your real estate. For example:

 ItemWithout Exemption With Exemption
Land Value$65,000 $65,000
Building Value$130,000 $130,000
 Less Exemption N/A ($21,000)
Total Assessment$195,000 $174,000
Tax Rate$24.19 $24.19
Taxes$4,717 $4,209

Application Process

To apply for the Blind Exemption Program, bring your Blind Services Determination letter to the Assessing Department where you will sign a permanent exemption (PA-29) card. The Assessing Department is located in:

City Hall
51 N Park Street
Lebanon, NH 03766

For more information regarding the exemption and your eligibility, please contact the Assessing Department at 603-448-1499.