Garlic Mustard Squad

It’s Time to Pull Garlic Mustard!

Do you use the Mascoma River Greenway (MRG) or Northern Rail Trail (NRT) in Lebanon? Or do you live adjacent to this corridor or know someone who does? 

This month we are pulling Garlic Mustard along these popular public paths. Please consider grabbing your work gloves and spending some time pulling this invasive plant wherever you find it.

Along these two trails (MRG and NRT), specifically, we have installed signs near larger infestations to help draw attention to the plants and highlight a handful of areas to pull. This year, rather than bagging the plants and taking them to the landfill, we are asking that you deadhead, pull, and pile the plants trailside.

  1. Pull from the base of the stalk - to get the whole root.
  2. Pile plants on site.
  3. Do not transport - moving plants can unintentionally spread seeds.

Why We Pull Garlic Mustard

Wondering why we are pulling these pretty flowers and tasty leaves? This "Here's the Dirt" article by UMass Amherst does a pretty good job of explaining why Garlic Mustard is a problem plant in our area. 

Trail-specific Garlic Mustard hot spots are shown on this MRG-NRT Garlic Mustard map

But Garlic Mustard is everywhere. Pull it where you see it, especially the solitary plants, before they multiply, including at locations shown on this Garlic Mustard Spots map.

Pull garlic mustard on your property and along roadsides in your neighborhood. Is there a lot in your neighborhood? Talk to your neighbors and form a pulling team!

View "Lebanon's Least Wanted" flyer for more information about the plant.

How to Report Your Pull

This year we are using our new LebConnect service (powered by SeeClickFix) to report where garlic mustard has been pulled. 

Here's how it works: 

  1. From any mobile device, go to;
  2. Enter the general location where you cleaned up;
  3. Snap a photo of your pull; 
  4. Answer a few questions about your experience; 
  5. Confirm your report and choose if you want to hide your identity, submit as a guest, or show your identity; 
  6. Click submit. 

Your clean-up report will show up on our interactive map so people can see where clean-up has already occurred and we will be able to tabulate the results for our reporting. You can also download the SeeClickFix app on your mobile device so you can report issues around the City, including our parks and trails, at a later date. 

Please spend some time pulling Garlic Mustard this month! 

Thanks so much! 
Lebanon Conservation Commission
Lebanon Recreation, Arts, and Parks

Garlic Mustard Information

Thanks to Hanover NH Biodiversity Committee for sharing materials.