Adult Gear Shifters

Adults 18 and up, come experience the great sport of Mountain Biking on the Landmark trails! Beginner to intermediate trail riders are welcome. We will go over bike skills, games, and trail riding with skilled local mountain bikers. We will also cover basic bike repair, trail etiquette, bike safety, leave no trace, personal safety, and group safety. Fee includes sessions, dry-wicking t-shirt, and water bottle.

Ages: 18 years old and up

Spring Dates: Thursdays, September 14, 2023 through October 19, 2023

Fall Time: 4:45 pm to 6 pm

Groups - Click on the level to register:

Green Pre-Requisites: 

  • Rider is able to ride a bike with gears and hand brakes.
  • Rider has some experience riding their bike on paved or dirt roads.
  • Rider is open to trying new skills and trails.

Blue Pre-Requisites:

  • Rider is confident with the Green skills.
  • Rider is comfortable with basic mountain bike skills (i.e. standing with level pedals, understanding when to shift and brake).
  • Rider is able to ride up small hills, go over bridges and wooden structures.
  • Rider is open to trying new skills and trails.

Recommended Bicycle:

  • Geared bicycle with hand brakes that pinch the rims of the wheels or have disc brakes
  • Minimum wheel size of 20 inches
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