Approved CIP 2023-2028

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a document that is developed and updated annually for use by the City Council to review proposed budget expenditures relative to the capital needs of the community. The CIP is an essential component of the City’s financial planning effort and provides the long-range perspective and framework for addressing its capital improvement needs. As a companion to the annual budget, the CIP provides the mechanism for anticipating future facility and infrastructure requirements and ensuring that they are funded in a responsible and systematic fashion. Proposals set forth in this CIP and succeeding CIPs influence the standard of facilities and services the City of Lebanon provides its citizens in the future. As such, careful analysis and evaluation are necessary if it is to serve as a rational planning guide for necessary community improvements.

The CIP is prepared and reviewed by the Planning Board in accordance with RSA 674:5-8 and is developed based on, and in support of, the goals established in the Lebanon Master Plan to ensure orderly growth and development in the community. The CIP covers a period of at least 6 years to allow the City to plan for upcoming large capital expenditures in order to avoid significant fluctuations in spending and tax rates to the extent possible. The 2023-2028 CIP once again includes projects anticipated for funding beyond the immediate 6-year time period in order to further enhance the usefulness of the CIP as a financial and community planning tool. Including projects beyond the typical six-year period is a component of the City Manager’s debt management policy recommendation to the City Council.

The City Council only considers Year 1 (2023) of the CIP as part of the annual capital budget review process. The remaining years of the CIP (2024-2028 and beyond) are used to begin anticipating upcoming capital expenditures over the planning horizon.

For questions about the CIP review process, please contact the Planning and Development Department. Questions about individual CIP projects should be directed to the sponsoring department. 

View the Approved 2023-2028 Capital Improvement Program.

2023-2028 CIP Presentation