2024 Proposed City Budget

The Lebanon City Council is the legislative body for the City of Lebanon. Legislative power is the power to set overall policy, the power to raise and appropriate money (tax and spend), and set the purposes for expenditures. Appropriations can be only made by vote of the legislative body.

A municipal budget is the most important policy tool in a municipality's toolbox. It is the document that determines the type and level of services delivered to a community. The budget implements policy by appropriating and funding the expenditure of public money. To appropriate money is to reserve from the public revenue a certain sum of money for a specified public purpose and, in turn, to authorize the expenditure of that sum for that purpose.

The 2024 City Budget provides for the cost of general City government, solid waste disposal, water treatment and distribution, sewage collection and disposal, municipal airport operations, emergency management, and the acquisition or construction of major, expensive, and long-lived capital facilities and equipment.

The Lebanon City Council Guiding Principles and Lebanon’s Principles for a Sustainable Community, in concert with the Master Plan and the annual Strategic Plan, inform the foundation upon which the annual budget is based.

You can learn more about the budget process at LebanonNH.gov/Budget.

Table of Contents

Budget Cover
City Council and Managers
Organization Chart


Line Item Budgets by Fund

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