Woodheating Energy System

Read the Woodheating Energy System (RSA 72:70).


In this subdivision "wood-heating energy system'' means a wood-burning appliance designed to operate as a central heating system to heat the interior of a building. The appliance may burn wood solely or burn wood in combination with another fuel. A central heating system shall include a central appliance to distribute heat by a series of pipes, ducts, or similar distribution systems throughout a single building or group of buildings.

A wood-burning appliance shall not include a fireplace, meaning a hearth, fire chamber, or similarly prepared place with a chimney intended to be usable in an open configuration whether or not it may also be closed and operated closed; or a wood stove meaning a wood-burning appliance, designed for space heating purposes, which does not operate as a central heating system or as a sole source of heat. The property assessment will not see any increase in value due to the installation of a Woodheating Energy System.