AI Registry

Please note: This page is currently under development. For transparency, we are working in the open on this resource. Thank you for your patience as we continue to build.

Welcome to the City of Lebanon AI Registry. This area is still under development, but the intention is to provide a listing of AI technology being considered, implemented, or utilized by the City. We appreciate your patience as we continue to develop this resource.  

The registry table below presents the following information. 

  • AI System Name: The official name of the application or system.
  • Department: Which city department is utilizing the AI?
  • Function/Purpose: A brief description of what the AI system does.
  • Implementation Date: When the AI system was deployed or is scheduled for deployment.
  • Status: Current operational status (Active, Under Review, In Development).
  • Impact Analysis: Short summary of the system's effectiveness and benefits.
  • Additional Information: Other information related to the application or system that may be of interest to the public.

Registry Table

This listing is currently under development. 

AI System NameReach, Status, and ImpactAdditional Information
OpenAI ChatGPT for TeamsDepartments
City Manager, Cyber Services, Public Works

Function/Purpose: To provide assistance with public communications, project management, data analysis, policy writing, presentations, and other general productivity tasks. 

Status: Active.

Implementation Date: 1/10/24. 

Impact Analysis: Though this tool is new, staff members who have integrated ChatGPT Teams into their daily routines report a marked improvement in efficiency and accuracy in public communications, project management, policy development, and data analysis. This has significantly reduced task completion time while enhancing the quality and accessibility of outcomes.

Additional Notes: The Teams version of ChatGPT offers advanced models and analysis that are specialized for our staff, allowing us to create custom GPTs that have been specifically trained on our data. This reduces hallucinations and errors. ChatGPT for Teams also provides a more secure workspace with admin controls and assurance that OpenAI is not training on our data or conversations.

Planning and Development

Function/Purpose: To provide consistency and accuracy when reviewing site plans, ensure compliance with city and state building standards, and expedite the permit review process. 

Status: Implementation of software in progress.
Status Date: 1/10/24

Implementation Date: Anticipated to launch in January 2024. 

Impact Analysis: To be determined but anticipated to reduce site plan review wait times and errors.

Additional Notes: 
This software was reviewed by the Technology Review Committee, Manager's Office, and Planning and Development Department in December 2023. A legal review has been completed, and staff are preparing to launch the software in January 2024. 

Details about the use of this software, including frequently asked questions, can be found on our AutoReview.AI page.
CivicEngage ChatbotDepartment(s): All

Function/Purpose: To provide website visitors with AI-assisted help finding information and services on the City website. 

Status: Active.

Implementation Date: 2020.

Impact Analysis: This will be added soon.

Additional Notes: