At Lebanon Airport we have many services in-house for your convenience. We can fly you to over 70 domestic destinations and 30 international destinations, provide car rentals, hotel services, taxi services, bus services and ground transportation services such as limousine services.

Parking Lot

*** Free Parking ***

*** Parking will be limited due to a paving project aniticipated to start the second week of June 2021 and lasting through the middle of September 2021. Long term parking will not be available at this time.

If your vehicle is going to be here longer than a week, please submit this 
form so we, at the airport, know it is not an abandoned vehicle.Parking is free for as long as you are away on a trip via airplane or rental car. That could be as little as a few days to as long as a month or more!

Questions, call 603-298-8878 or Email the Airport