Citizens Academy Class Outlines

We are very pleased to offer this unique opportunity to assist you in getting to know how the City operates and introduce you to many of the City’s excellent municipal team members. At the conclusion of the academy, it is our hope that you will take every opportunity to become active and involved in all that the City is and does.

2019 Course Outline

Classes are held on Thursdays from 6pm - 8pm, unless otherwise noted. Classes are subject to change.


Course / Location
February 7
City Manager, City Council, Budgeting, CIP, Work Plan
Kilton Library, 80 S Main St, West Lebanon

Learn about the history of the Citizens Academy. What does it take to keep the City of Lebanon functioning on a daily basis? Who oversees who? What is the function of the City Manager's Office? Learn the powers and duties of the City Council.

February 14
Land Use Boards, Committees & Commissions
Kilton Library, 80 S Main St, West Lebanon

What are land use boards responsible for?

February 21
Master Plan, Other Boards, Committees & Commissions
Kilton Library, 80 S Main St, West Lebanon

Learn the purpose of the Master Plan and how it guides departments toward the same long-term goal and how it aids in development.  Learn the process developers must go through prior to breaking ground on a project and how many boards, committees, commissions are involved in the process.

February 28
City Clerk
City Hall, Council Chambers, 51 N Park St, Lebanon

Learn about the history of the municipal clerk profession (you will see and touch the original Town Charter of 1761), the election process and other functions of the City Clerk's Office.

March 7
Recreation & Library (Extended time to 9pm)
Kilton Library, 80 S Main St, West Lebanon

Lebanon's Recreation and Parks Department is a bustle of activities throughout the year.  The staff will have you on your feet experiencing the joy of connecting with one another through recreation.

Lebanon's library system is a gateway to web and digital resources of all kinds.  Find out what challenges the library faces, programs they offer and how they engage the community.  Do you have YOUR LIBRARY CARD?

March 14 
Fire Safety
Fire Dept, Station #1, 12 S Park St, Lebanon

This hands-on interactive session will provide an overview of the different types, most common causes of, and the methods the Lebanon Fire Department utilizes to extinguish fire.  Participants will also have the opportunity to practice putting out a fire with a handheld fire extinguisher.

March 21
Police (Extended time to 9pm)
Police Department, 36 Poverty Lane, Lebanon

Gain insight into what police officers do every day and tour the Police Department. Interact with the officers and learn the operations of their department.

March 28
Municipal Airport, 5 Airpark Rd, West Lebanon

Tour the Lebanon Municipal Airport, learn its history, and view its current operations and activities.  Get a chance to see what happens in the Air Tower as well as a ride on the tarmac. 

April 4
Water Department
65 Pumping Station Rd, Lebanon

**Water Treatment Plant was originally built In 1897 and has the capacity to treat approximately 3.6 million gallons per day.

Public Works Garage
193 Dartmouth College Hwy, Lebanon

What does Public Works do? The better question is…what don't they do? The Department of Public Works (DPW) consists of seven divisions: Administration, Engineering, Maintenance, Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Utilities Maintenance, and Solid Waste. There are approximately 100 miles of road in Lebanon which must be maintained to ensure the safe daily travel of the residents and visitors.  And, that is just a fraction of what DPW handles on a daily basis.

April 11
Landfill / Recycling Center
370 Plainfield Rd, West Lebanon

Did you know that the City of Lebanon Landfill serves as the regional disposal facility for 24 towns in Vermont and New Hampshire?  Learn how an unlined landfill gets reclaimed and what the land can be used for in the future.

Wastewater Treatment Facility
28 Market St, West Lebanon

What happens when you flush?

April 18
RECAP - Graduation
City Hall, Council Chambers, 51 N Park St, Lebanon