Public Education

The Public Education Program utilizes every avenue to disseminate information to the City but has 3 main primary delivery platforms: Juvenile Education, Community Education, and Industrial Education.

Juvenile Education

School children, preschool through 3rd grade, come to the fire stations for tours. These tours consist of the children looking at the equipment we use in firefighting today, and receiving a safety message based upon the National Fire Prevention Association's curriculum. In addition, the department will prepare and deliver specific programs upon request from the scouts, churches and the like.

As an example, preschoolers are taught how to "Stop, Drop and Roll" in case they catch on fire. Second and third graders are taught, and given information to take home, about EDITH (Exit Drills in the Home) and general safety.

Community Education

The department delivers a wide range of emergency preparedness and action programs to civic groups, church and fraternal organizations and individual families. These programs are specific to the audience and issues facing them.

Industrial Education

Our commercial residents, as well as other City departments, have emergency training needs based upon OSHA legislation and industry standards, as well as on-site needs specific to their facility. The fire department delivers courses consistent with their needs, in a timely, economical fashion. Fire extinguisher, CPR, confined space, on-site emergency medical care, and evacuation are but a few of the courses offered. These courses are delivered at a substantial savings to the businesses and City departments requesting the courses.