New Firefighter Hiring Requirements

Is the Lebanon Fire Department hiring?

To find out if the Lebanon Fire Department is currently hiring, please check the City's current employment listings page.

What are the requirements to be hired as a Firefighter in New Hampshire?

State of New Hampshire Administrative Rules mandates the following requirements to be hired as a Firefighter: 

  • Candidate shall have a high school diploma or GED 
  • Candidate shall not have been convicted of a felony 
  • Candidate shall be at least 18 years of age 
  • Candidate shall have successfully completed the national standard Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) during the 26 months preceding the date of hire. (See below for more information.) 
  • Candidate shall complete an acrophobia test (ladder climb). (See below.) 
  • Candidate shall pass a written test to determine the candidate’s ability to be trained as a firefighter. 
  • Candidate shall complete an oral interview to determine the candidate’s ability to communicate. 
  • A thorough investigation of the candidate’s background will be performed, including criminal and motor vehicle record checks. 
  • Candidate will pass a medical evaluation as outlined in NFPA 1582
Additional information can be found on the NH Department of Safety "Becoming a Firefighter" page. 

What additional requirements must be met to be hired in Lebanon?

In addition to the State requirements listed above, the City may require or prefer certification in firefighting (see below). The current requirement will be specified in the job opening announcement. 

The City of Lebanon currently requires certification as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with the ability to obtain certification from the National Registry of EMTs and an EMS Provider License from the State of NH. Additionally, all new hires are required to obtain and maintain Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) certification within one year from date of hire.

The City may require or prefer certification at the Paramedic, Intermediate, or Basic EMT level depending on current needs. The current requirement will be specified in the job opening announcement. Information about National Registry certification may be found at Information about State of NH EMS Licensure may be found at

What additional training will be required as a Firefighter in Lebanon?

The newly hired candidate will serve as a probationary firefighter for one year, and must meet a variety of requirements specific to the Lebanon Fire Department to remain employed. For example, these may include performance of standard firefighting skills, knowledge of city streets and geography, knowledge of LFD procedures, etc. 

In addition, the State of NH mandates that Firefighters obtain certification to the level of NFPA1001, Firefighter Level II prior to one year after their date of hire. 
Reciprocity may be available for Firefighter I and II certifications or equivalents obtained in other states or jurisdictions that meet NH standards.

What is the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)?

The CPAT is a timed test involving a series of tasks reflecting physical abilities commonly required for firefighting, which must be completed in order. The test will require an appropriate combination of cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and technique. The candidate wears a weight vest, helmet, and gloves, to simulate firefighter protective clothing. The tasks include: simulated stair climb, hose advancement, equipment carry, ladder raise and extension, simulated forcible entry, search, dummy drag, and simulated ceiling pull. View the CPAT Orientation Guide for complete details.

Where can I take the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)?

The Lebanon Fire Department does not conduct the CPAT. The New Hampshire Fire Academy conducts the CPAT several times each year.
  • The dates for the application period and the dates of the tests will be posted on the NH Department of Safety website at:
  • All deadlines must be met, fees paid, and paperwork completed 100% correctly – there is no flexibility. 
  • You will need a physician’s approval on a specific signature form to participate. 
  • Testing may span several days, and will require you to be available for the entire duration of the testing process. 
  • It is recommended that you fully utilize all resources offered in preparing for this process. 
  • The testing process will require dedication and commitment for the candidate to be successful. 

Candidates may also be able to obtain a certificate of having passed the CPAT at other sites. Many NH Firefighters attend the CPAT at the Connecticut State Fire Academy ( 

A list of all licensed CPAT sites (which may or may not offer testing to the general public) may be found at:

What is the Acrophobia Test / Ladder Climb?

Without stopping for more than 30 seconds, the candidate must climb up and down an unsupported aerial ladder at an angle of at least 65 degrees but not more than 75 degrees for a distance of 100 feet as measured from the tip of the ladder to the ground.