Fuel & Electric Assistance

Applying for Assistance

Outreach days will be offered in the Lebanon area for applicants who cannot travel to Ashland for help completing applications. Call Tri-County CAP's Ashland, NH office at 603-968-3560, to apply for the following programs.

The Electric Discount Program

  • Offers a discount on the monthly electric bill up to 70 percent based on income eligibility. Applications are taken on an ongoing basis year-round.
  • The Neighbor Helping Neighbor Fund allows you to apply for assistance to pay your electric bill.
  • If you have electric heat, apply for the Fuel Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Section 8 units and some subsidized units are not eligible.

The Heating Assistance Program (LIHEAP):

  • Approved funds are paid directly to the heating vendor; or, to the landlord if heat is included in the rent.
  • The most vulnerable households, those with elderly (age 62 or older) or disabled members, or families with children age 6 and younger, are prioritized for applications.
  • All other households may call for an appointment beginning September 1 before the upcoming heating year.
  • Be sure to inform Tri-County CAP staff, in the first phone call, whether you reside in Section 8 or other subsidized housing units, and if heat is included in the rent. You may not be eligible for LIHEAP.
  • At your appointment: be sure to bring all the documentation required and listed in your appointment notice, for instance: your most recent Tax Return. If you do not have it, call the IRS at 800-829-1040 and request a transcript of your most recent Return be mailed to you.
  • LIHEAP Program grant funding is typically approved and released after December 1 of the heating year. This date can change
  • Emergency applications for fuel assistance (LIHEAP) are accepted after the date the Program grant funds are approved and released; and, only if:
    • There is less than 1 week of fuel available to the household
    • Heat is included in the rent and the applicant has received a Landlord/Tenant Writ citing a hearing date for eviction and possession of the property.

Weatherization Program

  • Request an Assessment of the Energy Efficiency of the household in order to identify ways to improve efficiency and save costs related to heating, cooling, electricity, hot water, etc. Assistance is provided to income eligible households in implementing improvements that will increase energy efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Call COVER at 802-296-7241 to apply for the program.

Weatherization Program Information

Program includes:
  • Air-sealing around doors using gaskets and sweeps
  • Air-sealing around windows using reusable 4-mil vinyl storm window kits
  • Air-sealing attic hatches and bulkhead doors
  • Assisting in the installation of storm windows
  • Insulating hot water pipes and hot water heaters
  • Other existing winter protection
  • Providing weatherization materials at discount prices.
All work is done on a sliding scale. If you don't qualify for assistance, weatherization materials are still available for sale at the ReCover store at discounted prices.