Master Plan Implementation

Background / Vision

The Lebanon Master Plan sets out a vision for the City that moves us towards 2030. The Planning Staff, with guidance from the Steering Committee for the Implementation of the Master Plan (S.C.I.M.P.), as well as input from Lebanon residents, will be actively engaged with implementation. This page is dedicated to serving as the communication tool for that ongoing task, providing supporting materials, updates and notifications, and other associated information. Please contact the Planning Office with any questions or for further assistance.


The Gantt chart (PDF) displays projected schedule for addressing the themes of the Master Plan over time. Shading represents the years where the theme is a focus. Gradient indicates opportunistic addressing of a given theme. This does not preclude opportunistic (grants, co-located projects, etc.) addressing of Master Plan actions at other times. MP Update and MP Redo indicate proposed time frame for updating and for a major overhaul of the Master Plan and Process, respectively. As implementation of the themes unfolds, status updates and associated materials will continue to be posted on this page.

Chapters as Themes

The 12 chapters of the Master Plan have common threads that transcend the chapters themselves. We call these themes. With input from S.C.I.M.P., a prioritization order has been created to achieve implementation of the themes, including the specific action items associated with an individual theme. The graphic below highlights the 16 themes; the implementation schedule time frame will be posted following approval by S.C.I.M.P.

Land Use, Transportation, Open Space, and Energy will be the first of the 16 themes to be implemented. In essence, these themes receive the focus of the Planning Office and associated boards and committees. However, this does not preclude action items from non-prioritized themes being addressed at a different time then the one selected. For example, if there are opportunities to address action items based on a grant or as a "rider" to some development, etc., the City will naturally attempt to seize the moment where possible and cost-effective.

If you have any questions, please contact the Planning and Development Office at 603-448-1524. 

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