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Crafts Avenue Historic District

The Crafts Avenue Neighborhood is a suburban street developed between 1892 and 1960 with single-family homes in architectural styles consistent with three waves of development 1892-1910; 1910-1936, & 1938-1960.

Colburn Park

The Colburn Park Historic District consists of twenty-three structures (nineteen of which are contributing) and several objects facing and including a large, rectangular green in the center of downtown Lebanon called Colburn Park.

Dana House 

The Dana House is the oldest existing house in Lebanon. The city-owned building is in the process of being converted into a museum and education facility.

Historic Landmark Designation Program

The Historic Landmark Designation Program was created to identify and aid in the protection of sites of significant architectural and historical value in the City of Lebanon. The Landmark Program aims to conserve property values and strengthen the local economy as well as encourage property owners to invest in the rehabilitation of their buildings.

Lebanon Mills

From the time European settlers first came to the area, Lebanon’s rivers have been utilized to create development opportunities and they are a central part of Lebanon’s history. The Mascoma River made Lebanon a wealthy mill town for most of its first two centuries, and as recently as the 1950s. Several of these historic mills have been converted to present day uses, illustrating the benefits of adaptive re-use of historic structures. The dams still in the Mascoma River and its tributaries are also evidence of the City’s industrial heritage.

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