State Park License Plates

The State of New Hampshire offers a new type of license plate which allows the registrant of the vehicle unlimited access to New Hampshire State parks. You will receive free entry for your car and passengers into New Hampshire State Park's day-use areas for 1 year. (The length of your registration.) In addition, proceeds from the sale of the plates will be used for the operation and maintenance of New Hampshire State Parks.

New Hampshire License Plate
The plate displays a green logo that says New Hampshire State Parks and is available in 2 different styles with the following fees:
  • State Parks Plate ("Number" Plate) $85 (plus one time $8 plate fee)
  • State Parks/Moose Plate Combination $115 ($85 + $30 Moose Plate fee; plus $8 plate fee)
The $30 Moose plate fee goes to the Conservation Heritage Fund, to help support programs that promote, preserve and invest in New Hampshire's cultural and heritage resources. Both styles are available as vanity plates for additional fees. These amounts are in addition to normal registration fees. For further information on fees or how to obtain a plate, please call us at 603-448-3054. For more information on the supported programs, please visit the New Hampshire State Parks website.