New Resident Without a Vehicle Title

You Will Need:

  • Out-of-State Registration
  • Residency Requirements for Motor Vehicle Registrations (PDF)
  • Lien Holder or Leasing Company's Information
  • Fax Number for Lien Holder or Leasing Company (helpful but not required) 
  • If Leased, Vehicle Lease Agreement
  • Photo Identification
  • Payment: Cash, Check, Debit or Credit (A processing fee of 2.79% with a minimum fee of $1.50 will be assessed on Debit and Credit Cards.)
  • Date of Purchase
  • Current Mileage

Out-of-State Registration

If your vehicle is financed through a New Hampshire lending institution, you will need to visit the lending institution and have them re-title your vehicle prior to your visit. You will then bring in the blue New Hampshire Title Application instead of your out-of-state registration and we will be able to process your registration.

If you cannot appear at the City Clerk's office in-person, a friend or family member can complete the transaction on your behalf. Your designee will be required to show photo identification. You will also need to complete the Permission to Register From listed below to enable your designee to select license plates your behalf. 

If your vehicle is not financed through a New Hampshire lending institution, please continue to read this page:

If more than one owner is listed on your registration, all owners will be expected to sign the title application. If an owner is not able to appear in person, a friend or family member can complete the transaction on your behalf. It is recommended that you contact our office prior to sending someone in, to ensure that the correct documentation is provided. In general, this designee will be asked to show photo identification at the time of the transaction, as well as one or more of the following: 

  1. Permission to Register Form (PDF). On this form you will provide your vehicle information and indicate which plate type you would like to purchase. This form must be completed even if the person processing for you will appear as the second owner on the registration. This is because the first person on the registration is considered to be the owner of the license plates. Please note, you do not need to complete this form if you are transferring plates that have not yet expired.
  2. Power of Attorney Form (PDF).  This form allows your designee to sign the NH Title Application on your behalf; it will not enable him or her to do anything else, such as sell, the vehicle.   

​Processing during COVID 19

Please submit the documents listed below to our office either by email (, by mail or by placing them in our green drop box. If you mail or place them in the drop box, please put them in an envelope marked City Clerk's Office and include your contact information. 

~ Out-of-State Registration  
~If leased, vehicle lease agreement. 
~If financed, name and address of lien holder.
~Proof of residency
~Photo ID
~Requested plate type
~We will also need to know the following: date of purchase, if it was new or used, color of vehicle, mileage, trim level (if known)

Depending on your circumstances, we may contact you for additional information or documents.

When we receive your documents, we will place your transaction on hold and contact you with the amount due. We will then explain the process of submitting payment and original copies of the documents, if needed. Once the transaction is completed, your registration and plates will be mailed to you. New car registrations can take one to two business days. 

What to Expect

Using the documents and information supplied by you (see list above), the City Clerk's office will complete an application for a New Hampshire title and will register your vehicle. In most circumstances, you will be able to obtain your New Hampshire plates in our office. 

The title application will be forwarded to the State of New Hampshire Title Bureau who will work with your lien holder or leasing company to obtain your out-of-state title. A New Hampshire title will be issued and returned to the lien holder or leasing company.

It is important to know that the NH Title Bureau will only send a total of two notices to your lien holder or leasing company. The first notice is sent just to the lien holder or leasing company. A second notice will be sent to the lien holder or leasing company as well as to you. If you receive that letter, that will indicate that your out-of-state title has not been surrendered to the State of New Hampshire. It is imperative that your title is surrendered to the State of New Hampshire or else you will not be able to renew your vehicle registration when it expires. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you contact your lien holder or leasing company to notify them of your move and that you will be applying for a New Hampshire Title. If you contact them prior to visiting our office, please ask for a fax number. While not mandatory, this fax number can be recorded on your title application and the Title Bureau will use it as another means of contacting your lien holder or leasing company. 

Additional Information

Registrations are processed through the first owner's birth month. First time registrations cannot be issued for less than 5 months or more than 16 months. The first time is prorated. Renewals are done at twelve month intervals and are not prorated.

New residents have 60 days upon establishing residency to obtain a New Hampshire drivers license and register their vehicles.