Looking for a Job

Tips on Finding Employment or Additional Employment

  1. Spruce Up Your Resume

    There are many online websites with examples or templates to use for cataloging your skills and experience and advice in writing a cover letter (see number 4). Keep copies of your resume with you at all times in case you happen upon an employment opening. You can either submit your resume or complete the application using the information from the resume. Check out the sites listed in number 4 for tips in preparing for, and attending, the interview.
  2. Keep an Open Mind

    Don't restrict your job search to positions that fall within your field of education or experience. Your overall skill set gained from life experience opens up numerous job options that you may not have career experience or training in, but that you "can" do. For instance, if you are can juggle job, kids, laundry and keep house, all with a smile, you may do well in customer service, sales, reception work, or more.
  3. Maintain a Tracking Sheet

    Maintain a tracking sheet of all the employment applications/resume's sent out. View the Employment Search Record (PDF) example with: date of application, form of application (email, website, in-person, mail, etc.), name of manager or person that received application. If the application is submitted in-person, ask about the time frame for interview and hire. Be respectful of the employer's time and ask if you may call to follow up on the status of filling the position, and if so, take down the name, number and best time to call. If the application is not filed in-person, consider following up either by phone or email. Always note the results of the follow up contact on the tracking sheet to cross off positions filled, or make note of those still open to pursue additional follow up on the status of your application.
  4. Job Search Web Sites

    • Search the web every day. Leave the "keyword" entry blank rather than searching for positions that fit to your employment experience. Instead, search by zip code and the mileage distance you can travel from that zip code for any employment (Advance Transit runs throughout the Upper Valley). Hundreds of matches will appear. Simply scroll down and browse the job titles to identify any positions that would include duties you "can" perform, or that match your education, skill set, or work/life experience. Apply, apply, apply for anything and everything. Use the tracking sheet for all applications submitted and any follow up.
    • Employment positions are added to websites every day. Most sites allow a search to identify only those positions posted within a certain number of days/weeks. If you keep track of the last time you visited the site on the tracking sheet (whether you found anything or not), simply search for only those positions added since the date you last accessed the site.
  5. Employment Agencies

    Submit your resume or visit an employment agency to assess your qualifications and identify any openings that may fit what you “can” do. Temporary income is better than no income and sometimes a temporary position can lead to a permanent position.
  6. Other Considerations

    • Ask friends and family to help you search for employment by letting you know about any openings they learn of at their employment or anything they hear about through friends.
    • Visit the web site employment section of: local businesses (browse the yellow pages for ideas), as well as town/city municipal government offices, hospitals, educational institutions (schools/colleges), etc. Apply or submit a resume or application for a current position via the web, or in-person for current or future consideration.
    • Check the Help Wanted ads in the daily paper (available at the Library free) and look for “Help Wanted” signs at businesses and on bulletin boards. Attend Job Fairs. These are advertised in the newspaper, on the radio, and on the New Hampshire Employment Security webpage.
    • For those 55 or older and within the federal low-income guidelines, contact National Able Network at 800-652-8808, or Lori Graff at 603-836-0912. The Network provides individual job placement assistance, job-readiness workshops, resume writing, interviewing skills, career counseling and planning, basic and vocational skills instruction, etc.

Internet Access

Free internet access offered for job search, call for hours:
  • Kilton Library

    80 Main Street
    West Lebanon, NH 03766
    Phone: 603-298-8544
  • Lebanon Library

    9 East Park Street
    Lebanon, NH 03766
    Phone: 603-448-2459
  • Center for Elder Services

    10 Campbell Street
    Lebanon, NH 03766
    Phone: 603-448-4213

Filing For Unemployment

Need to file for unemployment? The nearest Unemployment Office (NHES) is in Claremont. All new unemployment claims must be filed online through the New Hampshire Employment Security website. All continued claims must be filed online unless the claimant has an approved work search waiver-they may file by phone. Any questions relating to Unemployment Insurance, call customer service Sunday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. at 800-266-2252; or, call the Claremont office at 603-543-3111. Anyone needing an appointment for job search or other assistance should call 603-543-3111 to schedule an appointment.