U.V. Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission

Purpose / Charge

The Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission is a public, nonprofit, voluntary association of towns and cities in the Upper Valley and Lake Sunapee Areas. The 31 member municipalities are in 2 states and 5 counties. The Commission consists of a Board of Commissioners and a professional staff. Each town or city annually appropriates funds for the Commission's operation and sends representatives (commissioners) to participate on the Board. The Board elects officers, adopts the annual work program and budget, and develops policies and positions on issues that are important to the region and its communities.

Duties & Responsibilities 

Representation is set at 2 commissioners for each municipality with the following exception: any member municipality with a population in excess of 10,000 is entitled to a third commissioner. A commissioner is a representative of local government who as a member of the UVLSRPC board will make policy decisions and help implement those decisions. Thus, a commissioner is both a diplomat and a local representative, serving local interests in a "commission of equals" and trying to balance local concerns with what is best for the regional community as a whole. In accordance with state law, the local Planning Board is responsible for placing names in nomination for membership for consideration by the governing body.

The Commission's work includes transportation planning, solid waste planning, organizing and running household hazardous waste collections, working with communities to develop or amend master plans, capital improvement plans and local land use controls, assisting with the preparation of grant applications, administering grants, using Geographic Information System for mapping and traffic and land use analysis, environmental and resource planning, and assisting communities with issues that arise.

In addition member are responsible for reviewing agenda materials before the monthly meeting and being ready to discuss and/or decide questions at the meeting; serving on 1 or more committees such as Planning, Finance, Personnel, Electronic Date Processing. In addition being available to hear concerns of local officials, citizens and interest groups on regional problems and opportunities, and to bring these issues to the attention of the Commission, help evaluate the issue and decide on a course of action; and reporting back to the community several times during the year on the activities and decisions of the Commission.


Three members nominated by the Planning Board, RSA 36:46, III - appointed by the City Council. May have up to 4-year terms and the City Council may appoint up to three alternates.


  • Dan Nash
    Term: December 2021 - December 2026
  • Vacant
  • Laurel Stavis
    Term: April 2019 - April 2023

Meeting Time & Place

  • 6 p.m.
  • Bi-monthly meetings, usually on Wednesdays