History of Lebanon

Lebanon History

The City of Lebanon (just a town then) was founded in 1761 and was settled later that year. It's location at the confluence of the Connecticut River and the Mascoma River made it a prime location for the transport of resources and provided an easy energy resource for running mills.

Textile Industry

The region has a rich history in textile manufacture and was still heavily reliant on the textile industry as recently as 40 years ago. The evolution of the railroads running up and down the river, as well as to Boston helped to solidify Lebanon's success in the textiles industry.

As the textile industry came under attack from foreign imports and other economic changes, the mills closed and the nature of the region changed. Lebanon began recruiting and attracting clean, high-technology industry to replace the failing mills and railroads. As a result, we are now home to software companies, high-tech manufacturers, and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. We are also home to the most technologically advanced plasma cutting technology companies in the world.

Dartmouth College

Our close proximity to Dartmouth College and the Tuck School of Business Administration and Thayer School of Engineering has helped to create a fast moving, leading-edge environment for entrepreneurs. Many of the companies that call Lebanon home were cast out of the crucible of the Dartmouth community.

Location Opportunities

Our location at a crossroads (Interstates 91 and 89) and easy access by rail and air continue to be a vital element in the continuing evolution of Lebanon. View the Amtrak website for details on traveling by rail and view the Lebanon Airport page for details about traveling by air to and from Lebanon.

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