No Electioneering Zone

The word “electioneer” means to work for the success of a particular candidate, party, issue, etc in an election. Some folks are employed by candidates to electioneer and many folks simply choose to informally support a candidate by wearing a hat or putting a bumper sticker on a vehicle or any other means of showing their support.

Electioneering is permitted outside of the polling location but not allowed within. The polling place is to be a neutral and unbiased area where voters can cast their votes without feeling influenced or intimidated. At each polling location, there is a "No Electioneering Zone" which begins at the entrance to the polls and extends out in a 10-foot wide access path to the polling location. This is in accordance with New Hampshire State Law (RSA 659:43).

So how does this affect you?

If you will be holding a sign on Election Day, please remember to stay outside of that No Electioneering Zone. Also, please be sure that you do not block or impede voters who are entering the polls. 

If you are planning to wear a hat, t-shirt, button, or anything else in support of your favorite candidate, please remember to cover or remove those items before entering the polls. Due to a recent change in law, these items are also not allowed inside the "No Electioneering Zone."