What do the Election Officials do?
- Moderator: Presides over operations at the polling location for their ward. Some of their duties involve swearing in election officials, announcing opening and closing of polls, processing returned absentee ballots, overseeing the ballot box, processing end of day paperwork and handling any questions or situations that may arise throughout the day.
- Supervisors of the Checklist: Register and approve new voters, address changes and party affiliation changes. They assist the Moderator with processing absentee ballots. On Election Day, they also assist folks who do not have Photo ID.
- Ballot Clerks: Check in voters when they come in to vote. They check Photo Identification of voters entering polls and verify names and addresses of voters. At the end of the night, they tally up the number of voters who have cast ballots for this election and also help with hand counting of ballots for write-ins and ballots that would not go through the machine.
- Ward Clerks: Ward Clerks are responsible for keeping count of the ballots used on Election Day and handing ballots to voters as they enter the polls. They also help to tally results and complete many of the results forms at the end of the night.

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22. What do the Election Officials do?
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