What if I moved wards?

If you moved from one ward in Lebanon to a different one, you will need to register in that ward. For a list of what is required to register to vote and for more information, please visit our Registering to Vote page.

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1. How do I register to vote in Lebanon?
2. Where do I register to vote?
3. What documentation do I need to register to vote?
4. Can you register to vote without a Photo ID?
5. What if I do not have photo ID?
6. What if I moved wards?
7. What if I moved addresses within my ward?
8. Can I register to vote at the polls on Election Day?
9. How do I remove a name from the Voter Checklist?
10. In which voting ward do I reside (ie. where do I vote)?
11. Why is there an election official stationed at the voting machine?
12. If I was interested in helping out at the polls on Election Day, whom should I contact?
13. How do I properly put the ballot into the voting machine?
14. How can I learn more about elections?
15. Can I vote by absentee ballot simply because I don’t want to go to the polls on Election Day?
16. When requesting an absentee ballot, can my spouse or someone else sign the absentee ballot request form for me if I am not available to do it myself?
17. Will I be notified if my absentee ballot is not counted?
18. Can I email my request for an absentee ballot to the City Clerk’s Office?
19. When I request an absentee ballot, how can I find out when my request was received and when my ballot was mailed to me?
20. Can my spouse or parent return my absentee ballot for me?
21. Why does the Ballot Clerk ask for me to speak my name and address?
22. At times, why are there people sitting behind the ballot clerks watching voters check in?
23. What if I make a mistake on my ballot?
24. Is the Moderator looking to see how a voter voted when they process the absentee ballots?
25. When inserting my ballot into the voting machine, do I put the ballot in face up or face down?
26. Why is there an election official stationed at the voting machine watching me put my ballot in the machine?
27. What happens after completing a Challenged Voter Affidavit (CVA)?
28. What is Electioneering?
29. How many election officials are there per ward?
30. How do you accommodate voters with disabilities?
31. What do the Election Officials do?