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Starr Hill Conservation Area

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Property Description


Starr Hill comprises 39 acres with 2.4 miles of trail. 



The origin of the property name is believed to be associated with a family that farmed this area. The history of the protection effort for this property extends back to 1991 when the first two parcels (15.2± acres in total) were conserved as part of a neighborhood initiative, led primarily by Laurel & Sid Letter.  Laurel spearheaded the fundraising campaign, putting in much of the monies herself, to buy these parcels and to protect them from development. An additional two abutting City-owned parcels were subsequently merged, expanding the protected area to approximately 39 acres. The property is permanently protected under a conservation easement held by the UVLT.  

Features & Access

The forested hilltop property includes many interesting ecological and geological features, including vernal pools, small palustrine wetlands, large boulders, forest seeps, and a diverse mixed forest of both coniferous and hardwood species including some incredible hemlock, red oak, and sugar maple legacy trees. A highlight of the property is the small but marvelously majestic forested wetland known as Figure Eight Pond which is walled by a rocky ledge and darkened by a dense hemlock canopy.

The property is located centrally in the city of Lebanon, southerly of the Interstate 89corridor, and northerly of the Alice Peck Day Hospital. Trail access is available at the ends of Wheatley Street (a parking area and kiosk is located here)  and Eldridge Street  The Laurel Letter Loop Trail provides access to most of the property, including a section along the top of the ledges. Along the western edge of the property is an access point to the extensive trail system on the APD/Woodlands property.