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Online Complaint Form

  1. Online Complaint Form

    It is the policy of the City of Lebanon to encourage citizens to bring forward concerns regarding misconduct by City personnel and officials. The process for the filing of complaints and the investigation of those complaints is outlined in Policy ADM-126.1: Complaints & Investigations.

    Use this form to submit a complaint. Please provide as much detailed information as possible to aid in the investigation of your concerns.

    To submit an anonymous complaint, please use our Anonymous Complaint form hosted by Lighthouse or call 877-990-0006.

    The City will act on anonymous complaints according to Policy ADM-111: Anonymous Hotline Policy, however, we may be limited in our ability to investigate those concerns depending upon the information provided.

    Please be aware that complaints against the City Manager submitted via this form will be routed to outside legal counsel for review.

    Do not use this form to report crimes. Please call 911 or 603-448-1212 to report a crime.

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    The following information is voluntary but helpful to know. If you do not wish to provide an answer, please choose "Decline".
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    Please check if this is an informal (a complaint that is not of serious nature, is not a serious violation of department or city policies, is not believed to be serious by the citizen filing the complaint) OR a formal complaint (a complaint that in which the complainant indicated a desire to file a formal complaint against a City employee or City official. The department head or City Manager deem the complaint to be serious violation of City or department policy or would constitute a violation of law)?

  7. Incident Information
    This information will be used to investigate the incident.
  8. If more than one employee/official is being reported, please separate names with a comma.
  9. Is any person listed above a City leader (i.e. director, manager, chief, etc.)?*
  10. Is this complaint against the City Manager?*
    Complaints against the City Manager will be forwarded to outside legal counsel for review.
  11. Do you have photographs or video relevant to this incident?*
  12. Truth and Accountability
    The City’s objective is to ensure critical services are provided to the citizens of the City in an unbiased and fair way. The City’s administration takes the complaint process seriously and will act on complaints filed in an expeditious manner. The complaint process is another key component to ensure the accountability of municipal government
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