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City Hall


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Lebanon City Hall is located in downtown Lebanon on 51 North Park Street facing Colburn Park. Currently, City Hall serves as a centralized location for most of its municipal functions. The offices of City Clerk, City Manager, Assessing, Finance, Human Resources, Planning & Development, and Cyber Services are located inside the building. Four meeting rooms (Council Chambers, Meeting Room 1, Meeting Room 2 and Meeting Room 3) are located within the building and are used for official city business and public hearings. Please note that City Hall meeting rooms are not available to be reserved as public meeting spaces. 

Opera House

The Lebanon Opera House occupies more than 70% of the square footage of City Hall. The Lebanon Opera House Improvement Corporation holds a long-term lease for this space. Over 30,000 people attend performances or other events at the Opera house each year. 


This two-story brick Neo-Federal structure with a cupola was built in 1923, replacing the meetinghouse town hall destroyed by fire. Lebanon City Hall is listed in the Nation Register of Historic Places as a contributing structure with the Colburn Park Historic District. 


The "old-style construction" of the City Hall Building gives it character and charm, but makes renovations more challenging. Numerous internal building upgrades have been completed, including energy efficiency improvements as well as ADA-compliant changes including ramps and the installation of an elevator. In 2019, the building began additional renovations which were completed in November 2020. 


  1. Council Chambers

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  2. Meeting Room 1

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  3. Meeting Room 2

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  4. Meeting Room 3

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